Log Your Events the Easy Way

Keep track of all those important events in your life with WhenDidI. The most customizable, user-friendly Android event tracker on the market.


WhenDidI is an application to help you log events. What can it log? That's up to you, as WhenDidI is fully customizable. You can track simple counters such as the number of times you went running, or events that measurement quantities such as calories consumed.



Track Whatever You Want

There is no predefined set of event categories, you can define your own event categories and as many as you want.

Want to keep track of how long you have been running in the park, when you last had a smoke, or how much calories you consumed in your last meal, all these are easily definable with WhenDidI.

You can even track finances, as you can enter how much you have been paying for lunch everyday.

add measurement

Set Your Own Measurements

WhenDidI comes with a prefined set of measurements, simple ones like kilometres and litres, but also duration. So you can track how long it took you to do a given task. Want to know how much time you spent in the gym in total, over the last month, it's easily done with WhenDidI.

Of course, you do not have to use measurements. If you just want to count how many times you took the dog for a walk, thats fine.


Chart Your Events

Not only can you view your events as a list, but also see them visually on charts. There is no complex setup, just select the chart you want from a list.

There's a large number of charts to choose from.

You can select from daily, weekly or monthly time periods

Further more, you can decide if you want to know the totals, average, or just the number of events.

For example, you can plot the average amount of pints of beer you have been consuming per week.


It's Easy to Add Events

As well as adding events through the WhenDidI application itself, you can also add events through widgets.

You can have multiple widgets own your home screen, each one set up for a different event type.

So entering an event is very quick. For simple counters, you just switch on your phone, click on the Widget, and then on Add. It's that easy.

Start Tracking Your Events Today. Download Now.

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Trial Version

If you are still not sure if WhenDidI is the right product for you, why not try the trial version. It's free to download, and only limited by the number of events you can enter.

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