Mutiple Stopwatch and Timer.


Watson is a multiple stopwatch and timer application using an intuitive page view layout. Each page can represent a different category, e.g. cooking, exercise, work, games.

- Named after Samual Watson, the inventor of the first stopwatch.



Multiple Pages

There is no limit to number of pages you can have, and you can place multiple stopwatches or timers per page. You can start, stop each stopwatch or timer individually, or all at the same time.

add measurement

WhenDidI Integration

You can also publish you stopwatch times to the whendidi application, letting you gather a history of your timings, and making it easy to track your progress..


Easy Management

Each stopwatch or timer can be easily identified as you can set a unique title for each one. Even the pages can renamed.


No Limit

There is no limit to the pages, stopwatches or timers you can add.